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10.05.2012 , 02:51 PM | #26
I just going to come out and say it SS is garbage for PvP. I used to love it and swore by it then I saw how bad it is. Almost all your dmg is deflected, absorbed, and migated. Yeah sure once is awhile you'll fine a sorc or sage with no bubble and can get a +6k AS and burst them down in seconds, but other then that you can't do anything. Have fun against anyone that knows what they are doing. DF is easily the best spec when it comes to PvP. A SS will never out dps a DF, and in a 1v1 DF owns it hard. Only why people like SS is because it's the easiest spec to play. Every good GS/Sniper on Bastion runs DF/Lethality, hmmm I wonder why...

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