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Doing Esseles HM and the guardian tank has 12k HP, the healer and the other dps are columni geared. Noticing my gunslinger is getting aggro quite often from trash pack even though I wait for aggro to build up for the tank. As soon I attack whatever the tank is attacking I get aggro immediately. I politely ask the tank to guard me so I don't steal threat. I get no response at all from the tank and all attempts to chat with him is met with silence. I'm thinking fine I'm on a European server so he is probably a Russian or something and everyone else in the group are super positive so I let it go.

Then when the tank keeps dieing on trash mobs I realize something is horribly wrong even though I and the healer seems to be tanking most of the trash. We eventually make it to Ironfist and the tank proceeds to die almost immediately despite interrupting headshot. The healer combat res him and top him up. But he dies almost immediately and soon after the rest of the group wipes. We try 5 times and keep wiping. I tell everyone to get up on the bridge so we can avoid aggro the trash that spawns in case it might help the tank survive.

It doesn't help at all and when the tank dies the second time and we wipe I whisper the healer and tell him to ignore healing the tank for the next try. We get up on the bridge and certainly, I steal aggro from the tank almost immediately and the tank dies on the first barrage again. But it turns out a gunslinger in rakata/bh gear can tank Ironfist with help of the defensive cooldowns and a healer blowing the entire resource pool healing him. I just found it hilarious a dedicated tank could be worse at tanking than a gunslinger and that a group finder PUG actually tolerated such poor performance from the tank without complaining. I think we spent 5 hours in there until downing the last boss with me tanking.