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Don't know if this is the cheapest way, but I buy Rank 2 gifts from the vendor in the fleet till I hit 6k affection then I buy level Rank 4 and 5 blue or purple from the GTN to finish out.
Not too far off, the Rank 1 gifts are more cost effective from 0-3999 affection. You can actually get the gifts cheaper through missions than from the vendor, but you generally won't get the missions you need. Gift missions seem to be more for someone that intends on selling them, or someone that is stockpiling every time of gift because they plan on doing enough characters that they'll hit all the types of gifts.

Treasure hunting gift missions often return tokens that can be exchanged for specific types of gifts, rather than gifts directly, but you don't get enough tokens to get a gift from a single mission. That's nice if you are only interested in a single type of gift and don't want to go through selling the wrong types so that you can buy the right types.

Don't do any of your companion quests until you hit at least 8000 affection. That way, you get that affection when the affection would be most expensive to obtain through credits.

Pay attention to which gift types get you the most affection from each companion. I recommend checking That also gives the base amount of affection for each type.

Also pay attention to credits per point of affection when choosing what gifts to purchase. Purple gifts give 2.4 times as much affection, so don't spend more than 2.4 times as much per purple gifts than blue, but also don't buy the blues if the purples are less than 2.4 times as costly. Sometimes the blues are more cost effective, sometimes the purples, just because prices vary. I've seen the credit cost ratio go as high as 5, and as low as 1.5.