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OP, you are wrong. First off, you're equating gear grind to skill. One does not equal the other, one influences the other and vice versa.

Gear can play a big factor on performance, but it may not be due to skill
Skill can be a big factor on performance, but it may not be due to gear
(Team composition is important too)

You're in theory a whiner yourself for complaining about them.
You're agreeing with me. So, this is confusing.

This post was in reply to all the people who get stomped by either:

A.) Better players
B.) More coordinated teams
C.) Better geared players
D.) Possibly cheaters?

and disproportionately declare that it's because of C). What I'm saying is that sometimes some people are just better at a certain game than some other people, whether it's due to natural talent or due to practiced skill. So, I think the gear grind is WAY less an issue than people make it out to be, and in reality, people tend to do better when they're War Hero geared because they've played their class more by then.

Also, in response to the dude who brought up me dying 11 times: did you even look at the rest of the scoreboard? Eleven deaths was about average for my team, mostly because we only had one healer who did 245k healing. I took 240k damage - how many times did you want me to die taking that much damage without much healing?

And anyone who brought up rateds is crazy - the reply about how you wouldn't bring a fresh 50 a Nightmare level raid (unless you could completely carry him) is exactly right.

Edit: What I'm trying to say is this: no matter how good your gear is, someone will be able to stomp you in a 1v1 or some team will be able to destroy you in a WZ. Constantly attributing this fact to things out of your control (length of time to grind gear, class balance, etc) is a good way to ensure that you never get better as a player. I think we'd all be better off if we discussed productive things like "What's the best strategy to keep a Marauder off of my Commando?" instead of just yelling, "I only lost because he's got fully augmented war hero and his class is overpowered!"
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