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The reason I personally didn't start making suggestions until now is because my suggestions would have sucked. I was not a hard core PvP'er. Even though I knew Merc was under powered, my suggestions would be only based on my own experience and not the reality of end game PvP.

Now that I'm almost 90 valor and have been through thick and thin on my Merc, I feel my suggestions are finally valid and I can see what the class really needs. I have fully augmented, fully optimized WH gear (not counting the new elite stuff). I also have leveled 2 other classes to 50 and can see the bigger picture more clearly.

NOW I can finally start my own list and X out the ideas that are too wild or unbalanced. 95% of players can tell that Mercs need help, 100% of players can throw out suggestions, but how many of those suggestions are made by players with PvP knowledge and not just PvP desire?
Pretty much this. I too have been playing my Merc since launch and have leveled two others classes to level 50 as well-a Vanguard and a Gunslinger. Both of them are in full War Hero gear. After playing my Vanguard and my Gunslinger, it opened up my eyes as to how bad mercs really have it in pvp.