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To all of those people who accuse those who are relating cheating episodes as trying to cover for their inability to play I have data. I was in a WZ match last week, suddenly one group left as a bunch because they were getting beat in Huttball and four came in all the same guild. My meter on my line started going nuts, I was seeing huge lag spikes and data spikes coming up the line which my filter was stopping however the game was lagging out and these toons were popping in and out of view. I had one down to 17% health they popped out of view and showed back up at full health. I took all of it down and turned the players into Bioware at the same time I informed Bioware that I was doing a denial of service complaint both to my ISP and to the FCC.

Since the FCC has come back for two requests for more data I think whoever was doing this is going to bite off a lot more than a Bioware Ban. So yes I have proof that cheats are happening, however a lot of time since the last two patches it has just been the lag from hades that is coming from Bioware Servers that are disrupting everyone.

That one episode was one of only three times in this game that I have seen variations of hacks being used in PvP in this game. Saw a couple of whole guilds catch the ban hammer in WoW and they were using a variation of what I caught in SWTOR we called it the lag cheat and it involves feeding huge data packets into the servers trying to slow everyone but your game down. One way to catch it if you do not have a metered filter on your line is to watch the game clock if it is doing jumps then someone is playing a hack on the WZ report them.
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