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lol, rated best of the best. LOL.
Ok, I agree only if you are not going into Pug PvP and laughing because you are doing the same thing and doing the 12 yr old L2P when it is the gear difference. Ranked WZ that group people based on gear will be a huge help. From what I have experienced to do this is the order that decides who is going to win 1. Gear, 2. Communication, 3. Heals, and for some part I may have to put Communication over Gear because I have seen teams who obviously were all one group in Pug PvP (ie they are all one Guild or they are coordinating so well they have to be talking in Vent manage to overcome both the gear and heals deficit.

But I will drop especially Huttball if I come into a group where most of them are fresh gear. I have been handed my head too many times where I am working very hard just to get my three medals because I get marked and decimated because I am the one toon who is taking out healers and ball carriers (in that order). Frankly it isnt worth the amount of frustration which isnt fair to the group that I dropped but I have had full War Hero toons drop when they see a group of partial War Hero toons so it happens. Plus being a dps sage for my main PvP toon I take a world of second guessers already, inspite of the fact I can and do turn in 300K to 400K games with 70K + healing efforts. Most WZ Pugs that is enough to put me at the top of the list, I can wind up less if I wind up the primary focus especially by a couple of stealth.

So yes PvP is broken until they figure out a way to fix the Pug Teams to equalize based on gear so it really is skill that determines it, although they need to fix the mixing guild groups with Pugs as well. Heals, you either have them or you dont, ugly as all get out if you dont or if you wind up with a group who will not keep dps off of the healers. Then again I am one of those dps that loves to get all over healers so maybe I shouldnt say too much.
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