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10.05.2012 , 01:28 PM | #13
I've had a couple of moments where my co-players' cluenessless has gone from being really annoying to something I could laugh at. Sometimes I'm just flabergaster though. Had one "special" incident yesterday.

First I'd like to ask why people are queue'ing when they have more important things to do. I find it to be highly respectful to force 3-7 others players to wait while you are feeding your cat. So stop doing that ****.

Anyhow, so in a FP. Spawns just to have one guy go "brb". GREAT! This happens several times throughout the FP and the brb-guy's pal is not playing either when this happens. So the tank and I basically clear most of the FP alone while waiting. I've really lost patience at this point and dont care what I aggro anymore so I wipe once. Brb-guy comes back just when I respawn and accidently aggro another mob on my way back. This is when brb-guy tells me that "it's fiine that I aggroed".***! If it hadnt been for him I wouldnt have died in the first place, it only happened because the FP had taken 30 minutes longer than it should take and I had lost focus.

Moving on and we're on the last convo. This is where brb-guy bursts out in "spacebar". REALLY!!!!! Don't mind us waiting for your sorry *** for 30 minutes but god forbid that we don't save 5 secs by spamming the spacebar.