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Right, I have no problem with that. Firstly my goal is to clear TFB HM while having fun, not ensure that every single raid member has every possible gear piece.

Secondly I assume that other ways to gear up might present themselves (NiM modes), and even if they don't, I am fine with that too.

Last tier of gear you could farm dailies for BH gear. Shift the BH mods into Rakata gear from faceroll content, and in a short time have gear that was BETTER than Campaign gear, if you knew how to mod. The rational way to gear up was to farm BH commendations in dailies, not do PvE.

THAT was sick, in my opinion.
Problem with this is the statement "in a short time." Don't know if you looked at the itemization in black hole, but it was as bad as DG or worse (which, since it was supplemental, was totally fine). There was usually one to two pieces for the base class that had unlettered mods (and they may have had unusable enhancements...high accuracy pieces for op healers or something of the sort). Without being able to clear EC, you'd be, at most, buying something like one glove per week for about 8 weeks just to get the mods you need and one armoring. You'd then have to farm one piece of each slot gear for the armoring. Then farm a couple pieces for the enhancements you didn't get, which, in some cases, aren't even available in gear for your AC (when I respecced my sorc to lightning, I needed another quick savant enhancement...and had to buy a bounty hunter piece to get it).

Basically, if anyone did this without clearing EC, it would have taken them 4 months or more, assuming they don't have several alts farming gf dailies to gear up one main. That's twice as long and many many many more man-hours spent gearing than it would have taken to just clear HM EC 8 times and fix your optimization from the comms that drop in the op (apart from a rare earpiece drop that I've still never seen, think I was best in slot after clear #5, though I did RE and craft a few enhancement schems and a mod, and kill NMP 3 timess).

So, yeah, they're geared the same, but at the cost of time spent gearing, which is, imo, fine.

But really, when someone goes out of their way to say that gear isn't a reason to raid, they can't turn around and complain that it's "sick" that someone can gear through a lengthy, non-raiding process, can they?