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the title says it all state the name you made for your character(s), why you picked it, and where you got the idea from! also please give your opinions on others characters name if you wish but be polite, please.
I shall go first:
-canderordo: he is named after canderous ordo and as such he is a trooper(vanguard) unlike canderous however he is of neutral alignment. originally his name was going to be jangordo but it was invalid.

-blasilver: simply a combination of blade and silver.

-tyranitiger: named because tyanrus is a cool sounding name(even though I edited a little) and I like tigers.

-zeninja: a combination of zen and ninja I thought it would be an appropriate name for a jedi shadow (light sided).

-bladengo: a combination of blade and jango he was originally gonna be named after jango fett but it was already taken so I had to do some mass editing to make it unique.

-mousha'saburai: my personal favorite in terms of names since his name is japanese it means blind warrior I intended it to be blind samurai but close enough.You can go ahead and correct me if I am mistaken in anyway.
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