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We killed it earlier this week, I suggested waiting for the patch so that it was impossible to cheat it still, otherwise a kill video would be a requirement for a "valid" pre-patch kill. Again all of this is assuming people even want to go through the effort of having a legitimate kill on the last boss and/or want it recognized.

I am all for legitimacy of a kill and progression in good fun and good times, but you cannot undo what has already been done. The playing field is no longer on par for anyone. These are my opinions, and not that of my guild's. I'll get shot for saying or even posting this.

The truth of the matter is, as I stated before, pandora's box is already opened. It cannot realistically be undone.

Given my history with knowing your guild, I will assume that it is not intentional nor will i take the last part of this comment to be derogatory or offensive, as i do not assume it's meant that way. However, the term "Legitimate" can no longer realistically be applied in the current context. The effort of having said legitimate kill is quite a mute point. It ceased to be after the first full clear of the instance. I like you guys, so before you think it, there is no animosity in this.

There are several sides to the problem that predicate this. None of which are the absolute at the fault of any party, but, have an ultimate effect on the outcome.

1. Crafting & gearing. The accessability and availability of the what could be argued as game breaking end game items have become available at a pace significantly sooner than intended. Where there is human intelligence, alternate methods are abound. While in the grand scheme of 1 out of 16 this is marginal, when a larger portion of the raid group has access to a large pool of resources, or inversly in some cases, the lack of the same items, The playing field is unbalanced. As an example, While i cannot speak for them, Friendly Fire may or may not have access to the same pool of end game items, that ultimately leave them out of the same race we all started. This would be signficantly unfair. Given that the content was known to have an issue does not affect the legitimacy of their or any other 16 man who would also like to participate in a "reset" for the race of personal achievements, time and effort. If the initial bug from the PTS where it was impossible to even reach phase 2 persisted until the bug is fixed, it would have been less of an issue, BUT, The issue would still exist.

2. Information. A significant amount of this has become available to all parties. Through good faith or not, as a result of write ups and disassembling the mechanics of the fights, the information or even misinformation produced thus far breaks the equality of the situation. Sharing in ones achievements, theories, and strategies from an actual kill, is great fun for the community, and personal satisfaction, but also creates an uneven playing field.

3. Epeen. If the intent of the original post was the throwing down the gauntlet between interested parties, everyone should be invloved, not just the aforementioned individuals. However, because of things like #1, it's askewed and we cannot exclude nor include everyone, and expect justification from the community as a whole through exclusion. If it's just to flex whose epeen is stronger, a much more private setting than the publicly available forums is a much better setting. Otherwise, we risk alienating and down playing the achievements of other non-included participants openly. If such an agreement is reached, it would need to be done in a private setting, with rules and terms, agreed upon by all participants in a manner fair to all parties. The only legitimacy of it would need to be made available only to said participants. Being honor bound would be the only way to make this viable, and again, appears it would take significantly more resources from any or all parties to define a kill as legitimate, yet on a fair basis.

4. Achievements. No one cannot ask anyone to concede their achievements. Doing so causes alienation of some individuals while others may not, both in the same guild, and in other guilds. Defining something as legitimate, unfortunately does just that. It causes hostilities towards a sitation out the of control of anyone, and for no inherent purpose, intended or not. Friendly competition is fine, but Hostile competition is unhealthy. Forced or provoked, secession of ones self defined titles, recognized by a few or many individuals causes too much infighting, bad blood, and generally unnecessary hostilities. While i don't believe anyone in the collective guilds truly hates or slanders anyone in any other guild, the proposal in question may lead to this unnecessary outcome. Titles, self proclaimed or not, have meaning to people. Asking them to set it aside can be seen as a direct attack on one's person.

While I commend the intent of this idea, I cannot in good faith call anything happening after the initial run as legitimate, with, or without bugs. Given other MMO's histories with similiar style bugs and "unpolished" content, this is no different.

If the attempt is to marshal some internal competition amoungst those of us you indicated to participate, I would suggest contacting the respective participants you had in mind and setting up some sort of private, and in good fun, content, between the guild leaders of said groups, out of the eyes and ears of both our respective communities, as well as the general community to avoid hostilities. It sounds like fun. Given we have 3 AND more powerhouses present on our server, some fun wargames and healthy competition should exist between us. There is no reason we cannot do so in a more private setting, and have fun in doing so.

After all my friends, this is just a game. We are all here to have fun, and it is what you make of it.

BTW, for those of you whose eye's glossed over the first paragrah, there is no TL;DR, My spelling is atrocious, grammer is defunct, and punctuation on par with someone who uses notepad to write his responses to avoid timeouts. Oh, wait, I did it again.