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In Oblivion, when you meet Lucien Lachance, you get a message that says "you feel a cold presence nearby"

possible that BW is paying homage to The Elder Scrolls by throwing in a bonus boss based on their game...?

you meet Lachance by committing a murder and then sleeping in a secure place, lucien comes to you and wakes maybe it has to do with sleeping or something?

Lachance was labeled a traitor to the Dark Brotherhood and was sentenced to death and then his body was mutilated beyond recognition.

He also makes an appearance in Skyrim as "the spectral assassin" given to you by the quest "bound until death"

He's IMPERIAL in heritage, and favors the EMPEROR in skyrim (these can't be coincidences...)

He shows up wearing shrouded robes (shrouded by the Force?)

In the game (skyrim or oblivion, not sure which) he actually says "you will serve the DREAD MASTER one day, as i do now" or something to that effect.

there is more that he shares with SW/this storyline but i'm at work so i'll post more later.


i'm thinking that you need someone with the sith inquisitor legacy to show their legacy buff off? maybe. sith assassins might also be a good thing to have...? perhaps having an assassin/shadow go stealthed while in the cave?
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