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I am tired of it. SWTOR did not fail the players. EA and a segment of players failed SWTOR. And that segment of players is failing the industry and will be making it impossible for a AAA game to get VC money within two years, I suspect. It's not a pretty picture in the industry right now.

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You are correct. SWToR is great and the players and EA failed SWToR.

Seriously now. How many other MMO's out there other then WoW are not FTP? Why and when did WoW become this standard by which the success of all other MMO's must be measured? I mean obviously WoW has a following. It has almost been out for 8 years. Expecting people with that much time invested in a MMO to just drop it and play another is on the edge of crazy.

WoW I am sure you will all see after the final numbers are in. Will be down a great many subs after the release of MoP. If it isn't down then parents just gave thier accounts to thier children. We WoW is now Pandaland, SWToR in my opinion was never designed for that young of a group of players.

That being said I suspect over time if Bioware keeps it up and EA backs them. This game will take off in a major possitive direction. Blizzard is already on self destruct. Look at SC2, D3, Cata, and now MoP. MoP didn't even offer enough challenge to keep a person from lev cap in a day. No challenge in that. Getting a lev 90 Panda in under a day of release.

SWToR can be king one day. We all just need to support it and stop with all this negative QQ all over the place. Chasing people away before they even decide to try coming back. Nice way to show support......
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