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Just because this game is classified an MMO does not mean that it must be played in teams to be enjoyed. Generally most people (even in MMO's) often spend most of their play time solo. You should not have to rely on being in a team to have fun.

You actually make my point for me by pointing out how you never seem to see team work in a WZ unless its a premade for ranked zones and even then you hardly ever see the type of things you point out.
Wait, what-the-...

Most people spend their times in MMO's solo? o.0? -I can't even get over this sentence without doing that jackie chang meme expression.

Since i got this game its been me, the gf, and 2 of my close irl friends. We do everything and have done everything together. The XP bonus from lvling together makes **** cake. The PVP is awesome since all 4 of us voice comm. the FP's are fail proof. And along the way we've had people join our little band of brothers enough to get us to start our own guild which now sits at 60+ members with 15-20 on all the time and the majority of the time that we are not PVP we are lvling alts to improve the over all guild PVP makeup. To the point that we actually try linking up all our premade ques so we end up fighting each other because we know it will be a close match.

The matches we end up fighting against each other... whatever side wins it is usually because of some crazy last minute technicallity or 4-2% in novare.

So yes the solo experience in this game is the fail experience. If people where more social and gave a damn about the "MMO" side of this game they would notice the quality of the gameplay is improved dramatically in ALL aspects especially in PVP.

But keep playing solo... lulz.
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