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Holy crap, man...cry some more please. .... so we don't have to listen to so much QQ.
That attitude of entitlement because youve played longer is exactly why rated queues are nearly dead. My Guardian is from early access and is fully geared, I have no reason to cry, as I could easily swap the gear to my Jugg if I wanted to.

No, my complaint and concern is that it is getting harder and harder for people to run rated teams, and even when you do run rateds, more than half of the time you are running into undergeared pug teams who are trying to quicken the gear grind (which is why "the best of the best" is a joke). This is not fun for anyone, or at least not for anyone who is out for competition and not a pointless rated number.

Imo, the devs should be looking at a system with free top tier pvp gear that is useless in pve (similar system to the recently release fantasy mmo that is going to have pvp tournaments with cash prizes). Ignore the minority of players like tbowen who cry about their "hard work" and get everyone on the same level so there can be competition. The rewards for the time commitment should be cosmetic armour skins (not just different colours), pets, speeders, titles, etc.
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