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Holy crap, man...cry some more please. You wouldnt take someone in PVE greens to do hardmode EC would you? NOPE. Its the same thing, rateds right now tend to be for the best of the best. Not the noobs. If you want to be on even par with someone who has spent a huge amount of time dedicated to playing as soon as you turn the computer on...then this isn't your game. Maybe you should try Call of Duty...or better yet the sims sounds more like your kind of game. Damn right my guardian will roflstomp your *** in 5 seconds if you just dinged 50. Ive been playing him since the game came out. I don't complain when i switch to my combat medic or my shadow in recruit/bm gear that i cant just face roll everyone, I havent put the time in on them to earn that. Go vote for Obama maybe he'll tell you "they didn't build their toons" and give you a free set of WH.

That said I do think they need an arena system for small groups of 2-4, would make it much easier to get people into competetive pvp and much easier to group the bads with the bads and the pros with the pros so we don't have to listen to so much QQ.
Thank you. 2nd best comment I have seen all day.
/signed Gerb

btw, first best comment.

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The grind isn't hard, it's just boring as ****.
You know how many beers are required to get from 90-100? Lots-- and I didn't even like beer.
Now I put the sh*t in my cornflakes.