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What you are saying is that you have no problem whatsoever to be farming 5-6 months TFB in order to grab your gear to every player in your operation team, thats just sick if you ask me.
Right, I have no problem with that. Firstly my goal is to clear TFB HM while having fun, not ensure that every single raid member has every possible gear piece.

Secondly I assume that other ways to gear up might present themselves (NiM modes), and even if they don't, I am fine with that too.

Last tier of gear you could farm dailies for BH gear. Shift the BH mods into Rakata gear from faceroll content, and in a short time have gear that was BETTER than Campaign gear, if you knew how to mod. The rational way to gear up was to farm BH commendations in dailies, not do PvE.

THAT was sick, in my opinion.