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A while back I was running Black Talon HM on my freshly minted lv 50 dps assassin, for the record I had about 1.5k more health than him and I spent a large amount of the time tanking the bosses for him. The "tank" in the group was a jugg tank, in dps gear and for some reason was in dps stance. Since then I have read that dps stance is somewhat better for Black Talon since its a short fp and not that challenging but back to the story. After wiping 3x times on the first boss, the droid in the enginering hold we, the healer and I said something to the tank about this and he didn't know that he had a tank stance and that he should be in it. After he got in tank stance and wipping a few more times we finall downed the boss, and right after he went back into his dps stance....and stayed there for the rest of the fp... After seeing this I lost almost all faith in pugs, but it was worth a good laugh at the time.
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