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So you are saying that your highly motivated and well-run raid group will loose motivation and stop raiding because they are getting 1 drop per boss and not two?

Either there is more to it, or you're blowing this out of proportion to lend support to your wish for more loot per boss.

Don't get me wrong, you're entitled to that opinion. I just don't buy that a proper raid group walks away and refuses to do TFB because of the number of drops.

You still get the "special snowflake" effect. You still get gear, and at the same rate as everyone else.

A statement like "I think the bosses in TFB should drop more gear " can be taken seriously, and people can argue for and against.

A statement like "Noone will want to raid TFB because the bosses only drop 1 piece of gear" is hyperbole.
I said it might happen yes, we defenetly lost motivation for it, that doesnt mean that we are stopping to farm it.
Players make ops to be properlly rewarded with gear both in quality and numbers and also to see the end content ofc but the main reason will allways to get better gear, any other reason and you are kidding yourself.
What you are saying is that you have no problem whatsoever to be farming 5-6 months TFB in order to grab your gear to every player in your operation team, thats just sick if you ask me.
The grinding part of this game was good as it was, now they just trippled that amount. Just take a look as well for the cost of hazmat implants that just passed from 30ish to 350, i mean come on, am i the only one here seeing that there is a problem with this pattern?
The loot table rewarding system in this game is all screwed up from the very beginning. It started with ev/kp giving the same loot on NM's than in HM, than they fixed that and actually they made the loot rewarding system pretty darn balanced in EC HM and now this?!
Awarding 1 single piece of loot to an 8 man grp its just bad design and the only reason theyre doing this is because they want to stretch the rope on the release of new ops content and you guys are buying this?!
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