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So you play one game in the best damage tree in the game, lose while dying 11 times and tell people to stop whining?

Recruit gear is bad. I have a full aug WH Guardian with both damage and tank sets of gear fully modded out properly. I have a new 50 Juggernaut in recruit gear that has WH Lightsaber and Offhand from levels 40-50. The difference is night and day. I easily die 10+ times a game, get killed within a 4 second stun and I'm afraid to guard people because I will die in seconds if that person gets hit by anything dangerous (ie. smash, pyros).

I am the primary target of enemy dps the second they realize Im in recruit, as Im essentially a free kill. On the Guardian I am the last target, because it is a huge time commitment to try to bring it down.

Posting a single screenshot of a single game is a joke. Under the right circumstances you can put up great numbers. I put up 200k damage and 300k protection in recruit yesterday because the other team didnt have enough damage to kill people through our fully geared healers. If the other team had a few decent players however, I wouldve been toast.

The fact is you would never bring a full recruit player to a rated warzone, and that should speak for the issue. Even full BM isnt good enough. I dont understand the logic of the gear grind in this game. It is a barrier to (re-)entry in this game for unsubbed players, and as a subbed player with more time than the average player, it is a still an unfun bore. It is also a barrier to entry for rated warzones (probably why theyre so unpopular) because you need the right 8 man composition and you need everyone fully geared. Not an easy thing to have, at least not consistently.
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