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Because I believe the issue for people is playing and paying for two MMO's. I think the FTP option will bring in more people in to the game but I do not think it will be as high as they suspect. It is still really hard free or not to have the time in your day to play two different MMO's. You got to draw the line and let one go.

Thats what happend here with SWToR. People went back to the other MMO they have played for years because of the time invested and the people they have there. They are attached! It was never because this game is bad. This game is awesome. FTP or not this game will be the one game I pay a sub for each month because for me it is worth it. I just had to let myself move on from the other MMO I played for over 7yrs also say goodbye to a great many good people..

One day EA and Bioware realize that factor. They will understand that this game isn't fail and a success in its own way. One that with some effort and hard work could infact one day be king of all MMO's despite the limitation so many put on it from the Hero engine.
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