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When it comes to sexuality the gender matters a lot. Some people are simple not gay. Of course in some cases we'd like them to be, but the game would be shale if all companions would simply be whatever we want them to be. DA2 is not a particularly good Bioware game - I don't find it bad either, but it's certainly not par with Dragon Age: Origins are the Mass Effect series.
If there was a rating system for this forum, i'd give this a rating of winner. Let's look at the DA2 female options: Isabella the pirate could have remained bi, while Merrill could've been developed a lesbian w/appropriate story to match. Aveline could have been added as the straight only option with the realization that Hawke wants her and if male the romance begins, but if female, it never gets off the ground.

Anyways, back on topic. Having the same-gender romances for the companions that make sense is a good idea and a bad idea. The bad is that some of the companions do not make sense as SGRs to some, like me and Elara Dorne for example, makes no sense for a woman in the military known for never breaking rules and regulations should even be in a romance with her male commanding officer (Trooper). Change the boss to a female, it makes even less sense. The good is that some classes only get the one option so it would have to be that person.
  1. Trooper-Elara is the only female in the squad other than trooper.
  2. Jedi Knight-I only know of Kira the padawan, that would be fun.
  3. Jedi Consular and Sith Inquisitor-Their repective companions, Nadia and Ashara.
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