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Actually its 3 times more gear grind in TFB HM since EC HM drops 3 pieces of equipment. 2 Campaign set and 1 BH piece. In TFB 1st boss for example it only drops 1 single piece of Hazmat gear this is the reason im complaining here, nothing else.
I dnt know if the remaining bosses drop 2 pieces of gear or not since we havent yet killed 2nd boss but just for the looks of the drops on the 1st one, its just rubbish.
And again, NM's arent for every guild and they shouldnt be, so this isnt a solution to the lack of drops on TFB HM.
Again, pls BW fix this.
Since you have yet to kill the 2nd boss I don't see your point that the loot should be better, the 1st boss is the easiest of all the boss encounters, I still believe in risk vs reward and the 1st boss as you know since you killed it is really not that difficult.
Boss fight #2 and the rest are hard and the reward should reflect that over a boss that is really there for nothing more than flavor....