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You are all clinging to some speculative details while missing the main thing. The whole Star Cabal power is ridiculous and dumb to say the least.

There is no way the whole dark council could be manipulated into doing something as stupid as disbanding Imperial Intelligence. That equals to letting someone convince you to cut off your right hand in normal circumstances. No one is dumb enough to do it.

The worst thing about it is that in the game they haven't even explained how Star Cabal actually pulled it off. I can't blame them because there is no sane or reasonable scenario to explain it. But they shouldn't have made such a stupid story point in the first place.

On top of that, there is no way they could manipulate the Jedi Order.

In conclusion, until BW comes up with some sane and convincing explanations on how Star Cabal manipulated the Sith and the Jedi Order to that extent (which I highly doubt they exists) the Star Cabal will be under "lame" and "unacceptable" category.
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