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In game system to do what exactly?
Nobody mentioned this setting and how it affect stuttering, find above was from months ago.

Edit, since 1.4 I have a white square at 1/4 of my screen on any logoff that disappear after 2 seconds.
Not a big deal but very strange.
Yep, I have something like that too. My UI will also overlay on any loading screens for planets, zones etc.

Add to that the stutter and frame rate drop which is awful at times. Voidstar for example has me chugging along at 5 to 10 fps at times, coupled with frame skips and weird slow motion movements for a few seconds, before another few frames are skipped.

It becomes unplayable at that point.

None of this was happening prior to 1.40b

(System is Windows 7 x64 running on a Phenom II x4 965 clocked at 3.8Ghz, plus Radeon HD7970 and 16GB RAM)