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Everyone's always saying that it takes forever to grind enough gear to be competitive in 50 PvP.

I just dinged 50 about an hour ago and I had 2864 ranked comms, 1841 regular comms. That didn't take a ton of PvP while leveling to accomplish (I wasn't skipping a ton of content or something - I finished my class quest by level 46 and even did enough space missions to have 295 fleet comms and a power conversion module on my ship).

I grabbed my recruit gear, bought a War Hero mainhand and BM boots (I was just shy of buying the BM pants that I wanted next) and equipped a Columi level pair of legacy gloves that I had sent over from a different character (these were barely better than recruit gloves, so they don't make much of a difference).

Since Voidstar is a good DPS-check, here's a screenshot of how I did an hour after hitting 50. We lost, of course, but I don't think the level of my gear had anything to do with that (it was mostly bad communication on the part of our team). I'm just trying to show that with fresh 50 gear, you CAN be competitive in regular warzones. Gear doesn't make as big a difference as some people seem to think.

I'm mostly posting this so I can just refer people to this when they complain about the post-50 gear grind. Also, it's on a Commando, so I get to kill two birds with one stone.

Here're the two links:

Me about to hit 50:
My first 50 Voidstar on this character:
Yan (55 - Scoundrel) Silch (50 - Guardian) Hoeven (50 - Commando)
Thith'yan (50 - Sorceror) D'lamia (50 - Marauder) Brazo (55 - Powertech)
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