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Personally, I'd rather they created new characters who were gay and bi. Too many people think that sexuality can be changed by external forces as it is without reinforcing that notion in entertainment. And that's pretty much all I have to say about that.
Um, I don't think that there is anything remotely like the notion of reparative therapies in a fictional companion whose romantic interest is in the hero of a story regardless of the hero's gender. The Corso in my Gunslinger's story hasn't demonstrated any orientation at all during the course of play. Giving me the option to pursue a romance won't change who he has been all along, in my story.

I can imagine some players becoming uncomfortable with certain companions if they are unlocked for SGRs, regardless of the fact that the romantic storylines are initiated by the player, but I don't see a need to cater to that.

We have the companions we have. The only new companion on the horizon is HK-51. Unless there is a whole slate of new companions on Makeb (which I very much doubt), SGRs will have to be with companions we already know. If I am mistaken, and SGRs are only through new companions on Makeb, that would mean no same-gender romances at all until after Lvl 50 hardly what we have been led to expect, and hardly on par with opposite-gender options already in game.