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It's technically possible to have both WH Weapons as soon as you hit 50.

3500 Ranked + 2000 Warzone equals out to 4166 Ranked. So the weapons are 2,000 each, leaving you with 166 Ranked left, or 500 Warzone Commendations, which should be able to get you a piece of battlemaster.

Combine this with Recruit Mk-2 and you should be silver if you're competent.
Why are you lying?

WH weapons do NOT cost 2k ranked Warzone comms each. They cost 3400+ each. Not only that, but you are FORCED to purchase BM weapons first BEFORE you can purchase WH weapons. BM weapons are 1500 each so that's another 3k regular comms. You can buy ONE weapon when you turn 50 and then you're left 500 comms and have to grind up another 3400+ RWZ comms and 1k WZ comms. And that is just the weapons. You still have to buy the rest of the set and then comes the Elite War Hero weapons and incoming gear grind which you will need to have WH to turn in for. Don't try to make it appear that the massive grind for WH gear is anything less than it is, because let's face it, it's an incredible time investment especially if your faction loses 90% of the WZ's on your server.