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...someone did mention a seperate path to a green hill... Someone check this out. There's no way I could do that, I don't have a guild!

And it explain why there is no pet for this op... But legacy pet? Odd.
I'm the one who mentioned that and I do think the path is at the East end of the map (North of the cave). The anagram seems a stretch to me, but I also thought the letters could be an anagram at the beginning. Still I spent 20 minutes trying to find a hole in the wall to get to the path or to jump over the fence on my speeder with no luck. I really thought it could be the emotes /cold or /shiver but they didn't work. Although I do wonder if they might work with 16 people in there, we only had 3.

I also got stuck numerous times in the caves trying to jump around and every once in awhile could see through the rock. Not sure there is a path back there, but it's hard to tell. I still feel like there must be something to do in the cave to activate either an opening or a summoning.
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