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Am I missing something here?

I bought the Adrenal Schematic for 80 wz commendations or w/e the cost is, thinking that it would be a nice way to make some cash with my Biochem crew skill.

I then look at the materials and see; 4x Immunity Cell Culture, 4x Neurochemical Extract, 1x Hypo Syringe, 1x Smart Cells and 1x Dioxatrene-11.

I need all that to make one adrenal, and then the Dioxatrene-11 is from the pvp crafting mats box, which costs 1000 WZ commendations.

But then, I can actually buy just one Adrenal from the vendor for 10 WZ commendations, so to make the contents of the pvp crafting box worthwhile, it must contain at least 100 Dioxatrene, or to make it even remotely profitable, something like 150.

There has to be some blindingly obvious aspect of this I'm missing, right?
No I don't think you are missing anything. There were discussions back on PTS before 1.3 launched that the cost to make adrenals were insane compared to just buying them with coms. However check the GTN for Dioxatrene, I found it there pretty cheap there on ToFN a few weeks back.