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I even didn't know about the bugs you're saying, but the chances of finding a schematic through reverse engineering, have also dropped a lot, since the update 1.4. I even stopped crafting for the moment and only send my comps out for compagnion gifts, cause it seems, that's the only thing they are good for still. The amount of creds, time and patience, you have to go through, for learning new schematics, that aren't even usefull anymore after level 50, makes crafting a bit useless imo, except for when you're leveling your character.
It's sucking the fun out of crafting

For instance check out Underworld Trading mission list, I've had times when there are no underworld metals missions at all, just fabrics and crew gifts. There is a work around where you assign all your crew to the junk missions within a level list, force a load screen, then look for a useful mission, cancel current crew missions missions to take the new one. Not only is this a pain but doesn't always work.

Price of crafting materials only obtainable through crew missions has skyrocketed on the GTN. Hmmm, wonder if those are also going to be available in the new pay to win cash store

As to the reverse engineering now that you mention it it does seem like its taking quite a few more RE's to get a schematic ... guess that would also work towards killing off crafting prototype and greater items.