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Let's be honest, gearing up for pvp in this game is bad. I'm recently coming back and can't stand how hard it is to grind out the gear. First BM, then War Hero then E War Hero Weapons. You need over 30k commendations to get yourself close to fully geared. That's a huge grind for anyone trying to gear up their character and then after they do that getting gear for another spec if they want to try something else. Something needs to be done about the grind, it didn't work in Warhammer. It won't work here.
To fair mate, i got 50 today and i'm already in 2 bits of BM and 1 bit of WH because I did the whole 2000 comms and 3500 before I hit 50. That being said I just find it boring and a bit of a waste of time to grind all this just for warzones at the moment as its the only place im gonna use it in pvp. I was thinking today that once you have it all its a waste of time really as everyone else is in it as well so it cancels it out.
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