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This is a great thread, and I think we should continue to brainstorm up new ideas for Warzones. Open world PvP is awesome, I love it, but let's make this a Warzone discussion thread. With luck, some of these ideas will land in the game.

Remember the first rule of brainstorming: don't ask "how?", ask "what if?" This isn't about saying why ideas won't work, it is about coming up with ideas! Let's have fun with this!

I would love variations on the traps in Huttball. I think that you could have energy fields like are in Chasing The Shadow (the heroic in the Republic Black Hole dailies). They suck you in, then do a ton of damage. It would be kind of interesting.

This is a really far out idea, but what about a map that separates the team into two sets of four (the team gets to choose how that will be split up), and one team races down to a lower level to cut the power on doors, and the other team pushes through the doors disabling crucial systems for a ship (for example). It would be a variation on Voidstar, with the same number of doors and in-between objectives, but each team would either be responsible for doors or objectives. There would be an attacking phase and defending phase, just like in VS now.

Keep the ideas flowing! What are your dreams for new WZs?
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