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The bottom line is - it's not cool that new tier of gear, exclusive to the new operation for which we waited for months doesn't have new skins. It's a slap in the face of subscribers because the gear design team is busy with designing **** for the cash shop gambling boxes. And a slap in the face requires an appropriate response.
I think you may be in error - the bottom line is SWTOR is not in good financial shape and needs the cash shop to keep it going. Would you rather the game shut its doors or developers work on what's necessary to keep it afloat, possibly even expand it significantly going forward?

Get used to paying for most cosmetic things you'll want in SWTOR. While I don't doubt there will new raid armor in the future, the best looking shells will be in the cash shop. And some of those, both for purchase and in boxes, will launch in about a month.

Also, it's been stated most anything in the boxes is art that was in Beta but was not released.