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Let me get one thing out in the open first before I carry on. This is the only MMO I've ever played. But on the flipside to that, I've been gaming on various platforms since I was around 6 - so about 27 years. I consider myself to be a 'core' gamer and I'm completely platform agnostic.


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You're 100% wrong!!! WE...NONE of us...have made ANY errors. WE are not the programmers. WE are not the producers. WE are not coders. WE didn't rush anything. WE didn't make promises WE had no intention of keeping. WE are the CUSTOMER and WE have every right to demand a decent game for our $. When 4 of every 5 people who paid full price for this game, have QUIT it, it tells you it's just a BAD GAME. WE had nothing to do with that. WE gave them a shot, THEY blew it.
I'm sorry, but most of that is complete and utter **** mate. The only part of that I agree with is that no-one that wasn't part of the development of this game is in the wrong.

To say that this game was rushed...??? The game was first announced in October '08 and it's widely known that writers had been working on the game for 2 years previous to that. So that means, roughly, WoW was 2 years old. This game was not rushed, just conceived when the world of the MMO was a very different place to what it is now.

Saying that because you're a paying customer entitles you to a game that you deem by your own standards to be decent is ridiculous. I think SWTOR is a decent game and me and my mates that have only recently started playing it are having a good time playing it.

Also, saying 4 out of 5 people who paid full price have quit the game (source?) therefore makes it a bad game is also totally ridiculous. There's quite a lot of people who habitually go from one MMO to the next. They hoover up the content and then go onto the next one. These in my opinion aren't gamers, they're MMO players. They invariably probably end up back at WoW because that game has had practically 8 years to refine and iterate on itself.

If you think the game is so horrendously bad then don't play it anymore - and don't whinge on the forums of the game that you think is so bad. It's not even been out a year yet and there'll be an influx of players once it goes F2P.

The people I game with and myself are really enjoying it (maybe it's coz we've never played WoW and are primarily 360 gamers nowadays due to time constraints / family etc), just need to find a decent guild now!