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when they nerf marauder to garbage ill find the videos enjoyable, right now no, the class is just redicously OP, and ofc sentinel also.
Says the bad player.

I know amazing players in every single class. Hell, the best players on my server are amazing on all their alternate toons. That says something about it being based on player skill.

I hate it when I read QQ after QQ and there are literally 1-2 Mara/Sents on my server that I would call elite. It is mind boggling how bad 99% of Maras/Sents are and people still scream "OP OP!".

This guy was running with a solid team and dedicated healers. I guarantee that he would look a whole lot different if he didn't have that designated healer and people were focusing on him. I didn't see a single person trying to kill Aluvian (spelling?).

Dude hands down you have skills and are a great Carnage Marauder, but I know that you guys and Rage spec can be shut off pretty fast by focusing on you. Unfortunately, all I saw was bad players (I haven't watched a toon of the vid yet, but I will), but you know, that's cool too. Everyone is knocking this guy down for clubbing baby seals, but it's not like he's running around open world and doing it, he's in WZs, people aren't geared, they have the disadvantage. Aluvian ground his gear and mods/enhancements out for a long time and he's playing as a veteran.

Instead of taring him down why don't more of you give him props. Obviously no one else has the know how or skills or desire to share with the community except this guy. Keep doing what you're doing man.
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