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My choice at the moment in guild is to either only take the best players to EC/TFB HM and thus alienate my other raiders or take less well played raiders and accept the fact that we're gonna wipe all night and waste everybodies time. I'm in a lose/lose position at the moment because there doesn't exist a raid in which to train well-geared-but-under-experieced raiders.
Many guilds have this issue, and my suggestions to you is let your player decide not you.. If you are a guild leader shame on you and your officers for not being willing to wipe and know that you are in fact training lower skilled players for harder content. If a member decides at this point that raiding isn't for them then you just trimmed some fat from the guild. People are rather intriguing when you challenge them some step up and those are the guys you want at your side during HM Kephess and HM TFB.

Personally EC HM isn't that hard, it does have gear checks and if your raiders are in stock Rakata or Campaign they aren't doing their homework and are leaving heals, dps, and survivability on the table for the bosses of wipe you on.

My guild, I am the GM, has three teams and we are pushing our second and third teams into EC HM now.. First team still hasn't downed Kephess. I can promise its not a DPS issue but communication and coordination. We downed Writhing Horror in TFB story mode on our second time in there, and but can't get Kephess. Who knew?

I personally love the challenge and the gear is not my motivation, and it's the icing or present for a job well done.

Recruit new members get involved in your community and you'll find success!

Good luck
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