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I am the modern diva mmo player.
I have a life, i go out, i have better things to do than sit and play a game for more than 30mins a day. Clearly i can't be asked to grind in a video game because of my super popular rockstar life. Please give me free gear and add no challenge or work into it. -Thanks.

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Hardcore MMO competitive player.

Dear MMO Customer,

My bad, if you have better things to do and think plaing MMO's requires you to have no life. If you believe it to be so, then you should uninstall and proceed to play Call of Duty; i hear they love casual gamers. If you have other things to do in life you should stop playing, or accept the fact MMO's take time to excell in. Perhaps you should learn to manage your time wisely or move on. MMO's are for serious players who have a sense of reward to time invested gameplay.

A company that actually makes MMO's and does not care about your popularity on FaceBook.
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