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Quote: Originally Posted by morfius View Post
In game system to do what exactly?
Nobody mentioned this setting and how it affect stuttering, find above was from months ago.

Edit, since 1.4 I have a white square at 1/4 of my screen on any logoff that disappear after 2 seconds.
Not a big deal but very strange.
in your post you said something about shaderset if you open the spoiler tags to my example and find my shaderset it is ay 9 so google is asking you to change that but if you go into prefrances in game and says shadows off ( it is either at 0 or 1 anyway

Cerimon's post is still valid and worked for a few ppl the things he has said are correct :P <- this is basicly the settings that will give you best performance ... and all that file is asking you to change in that .ini

Quote: Originally Posted by morfius View Post
I have it set almost same as shot provided except anti-aliasing on High (80 - 100 FPS), maybe I didn't ask it correct, my idea was is it a way to disable only shadows (settings - shadows off doesn't do it completely, they are still present in nameplates - so we got stuttering), not all mentioned in post above, lights, shaders, reflections, bloom, dept.

If is not obvious English is not my native language this is what mine looks likes i am not 100% but i guess you mean titles but i dont see this causing much lag as not much of a shadow , i dont notice name plate shadows and atm it is not affecting my fps (testing ill get back to you)
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