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/facepalm you need to realize that people are just better than you, as an example of what MLG level players are at reaction speed wise., also APM = actions per minute
This isn't StarCraft...
Furthermore, I think it's funny/suspect when players say that there are no hackers on <insert server name>, full stop. Unless they're GMs or devs, it's impossible for them to be so definitive. On top of that, I've known of players getting banned on my server.

Most of what I thought was people hacking/exploiting initially was just lag. The Hero engine is pretty awful, and you'd think an engine for an MMO would have better net-code optimized for PvP combat. A lot of my abilities (especially roots/stuns) need to be timed and activated half a second early in order for me to actually stop someone in a firepit in huttball, for example.

The devs don't exactly inspire confidence here. If they can't provide an even playing field for everyone, then there's simply no point in playing PvP.