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4-5 people mentioned it to me and I have seen it too. On voidstar unstealths in the door and caps it with no cap bar above him. Only ever seen him and one other operative do it and we seen him do it 4 - 5 times....nonetheless. v good healer.
This ^ Don't know if its intentional or one of the many stupid glitches in this game. Just telling you what I've seen.

I've seen it happen with three Scoundrels, one Celestiny. Bacically they go into what looks like a seam in the door, completely disappear and cap the door without being visible, you can't see the player's reticule, cast bar or anything, they are inside the door somehow. Seen it happen twice with Celestiny. Once ages ago 4th August with another player named Pharmacy**. And another Scoundrel from Black Sun recently did it twice in one night, for some reason CS deleted my ticket about and I can't remember the name I'll ask a guildie and find out who it was, a few of us saw it.

All the times I've seen it were on the right door in the first room of Voidstar.

** Yes I'm aware Community's legacy name is Pharmacy but this guy had it as his character name.