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I'm 62, still working and still playing!!!
That is awesome. I know my replies in this post were light-hearted and possibily could be taken in a way unintended. (besides diverging from the OPs topic a bit). Just wanted to put this out there to let everyone know I fully support everybody who plays this game, regardless of age. I know in a few years I will be just like Thulcondar. Don't want my previous posts to be taken as disparaging against anyone because of their age.

I haven't knowingly run with or against anyone of this age group . Never really thought about it either before now. No reason why anybody of any age would/should not play, I fully intend to continue my computer games all my life.

Now, I'm trying to get my Mom to play. She is very computer savvy but she is resistant to this genre of game. Most likely because to play this game is necessarily more complicated and involved. It'll take a little practice and some new memory muscle skills to learn, but hey- everyone of us had to do that at some point. I'll keep pushing and cajoling, but trying to use Jedi mind tricks doesn't work well against ones own parent.