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If the Legacy crafting is bugged I'd have to say it's affecting Cybertech but not Artifice.

I also purchased the legacy crit crafting and use my droid with +5 Cybertech crit. It seems to crit one third to half as often as when I have Sgt Rusk (who has no +crit) craft Artifice items for me. I'm an optimist though so instead of suspecting Cybertech was bugged by legacy I've been theorizing that Rusk has a hidden +crit to Artifice crafting, he's a crit machine and has earned me millions of extra credits.

I'm only offering anecdotal observations on daily crafting returns over the last couple months, I'm too busy/lazy to record this stuff. I'd be interested in seeing the actual math though.
Did you build up any affection with T7? (I'm guessing you didn't mean "droid" as in C2 since he has no stats). I thought affection also played a role.