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10.05.2012 , 07:48 AM | #57
Done all things mentioned to remove stuttering, nothing helps.
After some plays with settings found that removing shadows (off), setting - Shader complexity on Very low remove stuttering with no difference is it full screen or not, is nameplates scaling turned on or off or any other settings in game or Nvidia control panel.
Low set on Shader complexity stutter lightly, High make game not playable.
Shadows I can live without ...

What Google found ...

Let's be clear of what this new "very low shader" setting does:
1) add a new line in your settings.ini saying shaderset = 1
2) disables "reflections" layer from rendering (mostly found on metallic parts )
3) disables most of the "environment lightnings" (by example the fleet corridors lights disappear)
4) prevents any "shadow" to be created
5) I guess also that the shader computation is reduced in 16-bit depth because the basic colors are shifted
6) disables Bloom because of my guess 5) Bloom is still calculated in 32-bit depth and will be too strong on 16-bit textures.
7) Conversation Depth of Field turned Off

I think point 4 is the key here... shadows on nameplates.
Is there a settings (ini or control panel) to remove completely shadows without removing other points above?
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