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Nice that you seem to have conveniently forgotten that EV and KP both also drop Columi, which happens to be the same tier as Rakata (and therefore shares a skin). Black Hole = Tionese, Campaign = Columi, Dread Guard = Rakata. Seriously, get your facts right if you're going to throw a hissy fit.
No, that is irrelevant. Both EV and KP were released at the same time (ignoring the 1 month delay for KP bosses) and in the 2 highest difficulty levels both were dropping the same gear from the same tier. In every MMO I know a new raid = new looks. To be perfectly honest Tionese / Columi / Rakata sharing the same skin was indeed a bit of a slack which was cut at the time because they were all released at the same time, not awaited for months.

According to your logic Campaign and Dread Guard gear should have the same skin as Tionese/Columi/Rakata because story mode TFB and EC drop Rakata.

Black Hole is the same tier as Campaign bar set bonuses (Tier 2).
Hazmat / Dread Guard is Tier 3.

The bottom line is - it's not cool that new tier of gear, exclusive to the new operation for which we waited for months doesn't have new skins. It's a slap in the face of subscribers because the gear design team is busy with designing **** for the cash shop gambling boxes. And a slap in the face requires an appropriate response.