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10.05.2012 , 07:22 AM | #113
To be honest Wraiven these threads should have been merged at least that is what happens when we have enough mods to take care of it.

As I said in Wraiven's original thread I really dislike this change and it has taken away from my gameplay. This change has made the game worse rather than improved it for the majority of the population. As mentioned several times by doing this you are limiting the pool in both PVP & PVE which doesn't sound good to me.

Please Bioware check out some of these solutions and at least say we are looking at it, give us something.

I like many others have a DPS which takes forever for GF but I also have a tank and a healer which used to be instapops pre 1.4 now even they are taking a little bit longer. Not as long as a DPS but it is definitely not as fast as it used to be.