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Whats the cheapest and whats the fastest way to max out companion affection, I have all the legacy perks if that helps?

Is it worth it in the early levels before you get the healer pet to just use the ship robot to heal you for the more tougher content. On my way to 50 I practically ignored the healing ship droid and struggled on the harder stuff because of that. I have alts with cyber tech so gearing it up wont be hard I think, I just need to know whats its primary stat.

What is with the companions I do have at max affection failing the grade 6 missions? I thought at max affection it was impossible to fail.

Which character customization do I need to buy and where its located to make Ashara show her real skin instead of the leather suite. I bought the slave girl outfit for her but it does not look right with the leather. The same thing happened with Vette until I found the right customization to make her other clothing come off.