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I like the direction this thread is going. But I think many of you are sacrificing too much damage for defensive talents that are nice, but are not going to give a full return on your investment.

There are two hybrid specs that I highly recommend for pvp. The first is a version of the Arika build but I like to call Mad Maul. Its Madness spec but still trying to exploit as much Maul as possible as it is our new hardest attack. With this spec you basically play the Madness rotation, keep your Deathmarks up and keep your Discharge dot up for Raze procs and UK. When exploit weakness procs get in there for your 5k-6k crits. Those hard hitting Mauls mixed in with DF and Raze is just nasty. Before 1.4 this spec put out a good amount of damage but sacrificed alot of healing through dots and a 30m dot which also stunned. But with the new Darkswell talent you got 12 seconds of about 50% damage mitigation (24 seconds if you vanish and reset Blackout) which is plenty of time to get your crit on.

The next Hybrid spec that does great is Dark Maul. Again taking advantage of the defense and utility of the Darkness tree while taking advantage of the hard hitting Maul. The idea behind this spec is taking advantage of the increased force regen to make up for the high cost of Maul. The premise behind this spec is all about Maul spam even when Exploit Weakness is not procd. If you just use Saber Strike and Maul, you will do about 100-200 more dps than if you just Thrashed and Shocked on Energized procs. So the idea is not to spam Thrash and Shock and only Maul on Exploit Weakness. You always Maul/Saber Stike. Only when you cannot get behind your opponent you will use Thrash/Shock. You get all the utility out of the Darkness tree, you get insane survivability through Dark Charge and the new Darkswell aswell as sick opening dps (remember that 24 seconds I mentioned above?) Ive parsed way over 2000 dps during the openers with this spec. When you are not taking advantage of Dark Embrace you can still do pretty good damage with Thrash/Shock and Maul when you can.