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Novare Coast level 50:

When i am defending and I see an imp trying to cap, I must chase him behind the hut and fight him there. There is no way someone else can be in the hut to cap. I really need to kill that sorc! How dare he kite me? I need my kill!!!

*saw this yesterday while i was running from mid because there was no inc or anything yet we were losing west. The guy was running in circles after a sorc while an assassin was capping. The sad part is that the sorc was running in front of the assassin but the rep kept chasing him. Kind of like Benny Hill style.

Civil War:

We all group up and stay at our landing point and fight. This will surely help us win the game. It is not like we can land, go left and use the tunnel to go right or go round for mid. . This has become a trend on the republic side. Also, never fight close to the turrets if you have them. It is bad juju. Stealthers will never dare cap while you are busy running around chasing one guy. I saw three imps so focused on my guilde who knew he was my guinea pig that I capped the turret without an issue . I am sure they blamed the loss on lag .


Filling resolve is what wins the game. If you see the imp ball carrier, make sure you fill his resolve as fast as possible because you get points for that. It is not like we can pull them in the fire and kill them faster away from their healers. Ignore mid completely as it has been deemed hazardous by BioWare. Ignore ramps because having imps there to pull ball carriers or let juggs leap to score faster will give you more commendations at the end.


if you see an imperial healer topping people up and running behind the pole, make sure you ignore him. Killing healers in a warzone is a big no no as this means violating the TOS. Republic players do not kill imperial healers. Their job is to constantly smash tanks that taunt them and get healed. They also like to complain about the lack of heals from the healers in the republic team but do nothing to help out keeping their healers alive. Republic players know that if their healer dies 10 times per wz and the imperial healer heals above 500k, they will get access to the bonus boss in denova :rolleyes

Oh ... and I would like to give a shout to all the quitters out there . Thanks for quitting as soon as one objective is lost. You really are helping us . Being 5 vs 8 with me having expertise and the rest nada is surely a gonna be a close call. I might as well be in the wz solo