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10.05.2012 , 05:39 AM | #13
Gearing up becomes more easy than it used to be (grrr, Champion/BM boxes). Now you practically get a free almost BM grade gear once you hit 50. Which makes you viable against the BM geared people and most of the half WH/BM players. Definitely not going to win on equal skill ground, but there are so many bad PvPers in full WH, that sometimes I wonder why people complain. Even the baddies get geared up decently fast.

Its not so bad compared to some other games. AION comes to mind. Where you have to get your PvP gear. And in Open PvP you get severe penalties and diminishing returns if you are high rank and try to (gulp) actually PvP to get points for the PvP gear. The time you spend getting 1 piece in Aion is comparable to a full set of BM. Heck I could even compare it to a half WH set.